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Do those pangs of envy stab in your stomach when you see an
amazing model train layout?
Doesn't the idea of building your own perfect model
train drive your imagination wild, and excite the kid in you?

Doesn't frustration hit you in the face  when you think about getting
started, not knowing exactly where to start, or  what to do next?

Have you put off starting your dream layout because
you think you just don't have the space or budget?

 You've seen those magnificently realistic layouts that never seem to have those
dream-devastating problems - you know the ones: derailments, erratic
stops and starts, and locos flying off the rails -
and a just bit of jealousy creeps in to your mind, right?

If you heard yourself saying "YES" to any of these questions,
let me tell you, you're in the right place!  

Please read on because you're about to uncover the absolute best resource that
can bring your perfect model train from your imagination into the real world!  

You'll be behind the controls of your very own model train in a matter of days once you put
this powerful information into action!  It's time to stop dreaming and start building, my friend!

You can search high and low but you won't find any better,
highly detailed, highly specialized "How-To"
guides on model railroading and model train layouts
 It will be almost impossible not to create a perfect
model train layout once you're privy to this elite know-how. 
You see, you're about to join the
ranks of the supremely skilled model railroaders ...
even if you're a complete beginner

Why not check out what NMRA has to say about model train layouts and specs here!

As a beginner, you probably know you need an approach that will
take you by the hand and walk you, step-by-step, through all of the
confusing ins and outs of model railroading basics - right up through
some advanced techniques, right?

From: Neil Martinsen

Dear Friend and Fellow Model Train Lover:

I'm about to make you privy to some information that's without a doubt the most important that you
will come cross in your struggle to build your  model train dream layout, so please listen up!

If you're a model train beginner, or even have a few miles of track under your belt as an intermediate
railway modeler, you're going to want this system for the step-by-step low down on exactly how to
go from zero to hero with your model train!

It's clearly laid out, easy to follow, and you can put it into immediate action so your model train
is not only running wild in your imagination but is zipping around the track right before your very eyes!

And with the tips and tricks this system reveals,  (ones that the big guys like to keep hidden) you'll
have it up and running in record time!

You Know You Want To Have That
Dream Model Railroad!

You know, one that you are so proud of,
you can't wait to show it off to everyone!

And now, you know, you can - even without
any idea where to begin, don't think you have
a creative bone in your body, or don't know
a correct DCC wiring system from a hole in the
ground (don't let that scare you
because it's ALL covered)!

As a beginner, without this exciting insider knowledge,
model railroading might look like it requires an
almost insurmountable skill set to even begin!

Think about it: planning the most space-effective
layout for the room you have, building the
table for the layout, engineering bridges, tunnels,
and even crafting mountains, waterfalls, and lakes...

Start On The Right Track: The Ultimate Guide for Model Train Beginners

This Can Seem So Overwhelming, Time-Guzzling, and Expensive! 

Even more stressful: all that electrical work.  It would be a disaster to slip up and short circuit that
shiny new digital controller that you scrimped and saved for - not to mention dreamed about
controlling all those amazing features of your layout!

If you think this is all impossible, look, it's not your fault...  

The guys that have been at model railroading for years want you to think that.  And why not?  After all, they
come off looking like they are geniuses!  

In all honesty, anyone can create their dream layout - you just need the perfect step-by-step guide, and you'll
be looking like a genius in no time, too... side-stepping the years that the veteran model railroaders took -
and the countless wasted dollars they spent on expensive mistakes - with the right information from the start.

That just makes sound sense, doesn't it - Starting  on the right track!

 The Right Information Makes You A Master Model Railroader
No Matter The Time, Space, or Budget You Have!

Can you think of any better way to relax than building your own magnificent world in miniature?  

You see, you don't even need to be very skilled with your hands, know about electrical wiring, be a carpenter, or even be very good at art to build your intricately detailed model train world!

All you really need is the right information, clearly laid out, that shows you exactly what to do, and exactly when, from square one.

When you get this in your hands, you'll have built your first model train layout and will be showing it off to friends and neighbors in almost no-time!

You're probably thinking, "Can I really create the model railway of my dreams?"


"Start On The Right Track" does exactly that for you and  your model train - step-by-step, clearly and easily - you will start on the right track from the very beginning!

Just take a second to really imagine how excited you are going to feel as you share your model train... the surprised look people have as your train rattles over your bridges, or enters a tunnel of your making, and  comes out on the other side... the kid in everyone can't help but really get into it!

Finally, for the first time, you can actually possess a complete, easy to understand, ultimate guide to mastering model trains!  And you can even help others with their model trains if you want.  Some readers have actually traded the skills they have learned for layout accessories... saving them some nice money!

Now That's Something You Want To Do, Right?

And this is exactly what you can do with "Start On The Right Track!"

Until this amazing information became available, it was up to the lone model railroader to go to model train shows,
look at other people's layouts, and struggle through all the mistakes in trying to figure it out on their own!

Or spend hours going back and forth with the sales staff at the local model train shop - if you have one - that
just doesn't get what you are trying to do, and selling you whatever they're trying to move that week.

Or spend countless hours flipping through books, magazines, and scrolling through web pages and search engine results trying to find that one piece of the puzzle...

Tell me honesty, you have better things to do with your time and money, don't you?

Most people I know surely do!

Look, until now, you just haven't had anything highly specialized enough, all in one place,
to teach you the insider secrets, short-cuts, and techniques to get your model train
up and running in your available time, space, and budget.

"Start On The Right Track" has dramatically changed all of that!  No more worries, no more stress, no more
struggling with the inexperienced sales staff, the tons of books, the countless web pages - wasting hours
and hours...  the perfect resource is now right here - and amazingly easy to own and use!

Now Where Do You Turn to Get The Hidden 
Tips, Tricks And Secrets to Building Perfect ModelTrains?

model railroading
Start On The Right Track" Contains The Vital Secrets
You Must Have To Create The Model Train layout of Your Dreams! 

"Start On The Right Track" has everything you need - the 'must-have' information to make your model train layout dream a living, thriving, vibrant reality now!

You'll discover:

Step-by-step the fast track of easily getting your model train
layout up and running

How to Plan Your Layout - saving frustration, time, and money.

How to keep those minor problems from becoming a disaster
with quick and easy maintenance and repair tips.

How to cleverly build realistic scenery into the functionality of your model train layout.

And that's just the five cent tour! 

You get so much more from "Start On The Right Track!"

Want more details?  Keep reading!

Add "Start On The Right Track" To Cart

Here's a really fun little online game - you can make your own model railway layout and run it... but be warned, it's addictive!

Railway Valley

I Always Wanted To Design and Build My Own Railroad...
"I have always been amazed and impressed with the craftsmanship and detail other model railroaders have devoted into their hobby, as a somewhat creative person myself, I have always wanted to design and build my own HO scale railroad..."


What Indispensable Secretes Will
You Discover in "Start On The Right Track

Here's another sneak peek:

Now you can see why "Start On The Right Track" really is the ultimate guide for model train beginners!

The Model Train Layout Of Your Dreams
Deserves to Be Yours

You might be thinking that, with all the power-packed information, how-to, and quick start tips that
"Start On The Right Track" might cost a small fortune when you buy it... But you'd be worrying for nothing.

As you might know by our reputation, we always try to over-deliver on what we offer our customers.

Did you know that you'd have to spend over $397 to get the more than 11 physical books, magazines,
and DVDs to get a similar amount of knowledge that "Start On The Right Track" gives you in a single, easy to use and quick to implement place!

And avoiding the pitfalls that this system points out will save you thousands of dollars over the years.

But don't worry... it doesn't cost anywhere near $397...

... or $297, $197, or even $97.  
In fact, if you act today, right now, you will reap a huge reward, because you'll
get "Start On The Right Track" for the insanely low price of $37!

Want to start out right with your model railway layouts?  Check out this excellent layout and design primer!

Now that's fair, I'm sure you'd agree.

That would be more than a fair price for all you get in
"Start On The Right Track" alone...

But you get way more than that.

I want to be sure there's not a single doubt in your mind as to the value of what you're getting.
With that in mind, I've made available 7 BONUSES (over $167 value) FOR FREE
so you should definitely act today!

Read on:

FREE Bonus # 1 (worth $27.00) -
"Seven Quick & Easy Steps to Help You Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Model Railroad"

Look, we all know model railroading can be a very expensive hobby... it even stops people from getting into this great hobby at all.

But it doesn't have to be that way. With these 7 secrets you could save up to 67% on the retail price of model train equipment.

This one report alone could save you hundreds of dollars over your model railroading years... You get this report FREE.

FREE Bonus # 2 (worth $27.00) - "Weathering Your Model Railroad Made Simple"

Want to set your model railroad apart from the other beginners?  Realistic weathering is the key! It's how you make that new plastic look like old, well worn equipment.

Hundreds of modelers have benefited from the simple but advanced techniques this report reveals.  How do you make real-looking buildings, rolling stock, locomotives, fences, light poles and sometimes people?  That's right, weathering!

Most people don't know this, but weathering is really inexpensive to do, and it's such a thrill to apply these techniques to your layout and see it magically transformed into a real little world!  This is yet another FREE bonus you get for buying now.

FREE Bonus # 3 (worth $27.00) - 
 "Model Railroading Glossary"

Every hobby has its own jargon, and model railroading is no different.  Want to get the low down on cross-overs and rail joiners, reefers and walk-arounds?  This report is for you!

You'll be one of the insiders once you get familiar with the jargon, and you'll find it all in our Model Railroading Glossary.

You'll even find a priceless resources guide at the end!  


FREE Bonus # 4 (worth $27.00) - 
"Quick Start VIDEO Guide To Model Railroading"

Want to get started immediately?  Theses eye-poping videos, optimzed for even the slowest internet connection, will show you exactly what to do, making you sure you're getting it right!
Our Quick Start Video Guide is your FREE with the "Start On The Right Track" system!


FREE Bonus # 5 (worth $27.00) - 
"7 Model Train Mistakes Almost Every Beginner Makes - And How You Can Avoid Them"

Nothing will dash your dreams faster than frustration, wasted time, and wasted money!
But these won't darken your door once you discover how to avoid these 7 beginner mistakes!

Again, this report is yours for free, just for buying now!
Start On The Right Track: The Model Train Audio Book FREE Bonus # 6 (worth $27.00)
Start On The Right Track - The AUDIO Book.

Just imagine being able to listen to the audio as you go about your daily activities, without having to tote around a print-out or your computer.  It's a super convenient way to get the course - and it's even hands free! 

This is an amazing and convenient way to get the meat of the course, all on MP3 Audio, another $27 value, yours as an added bonus!


FREE Bonus # 7

FREE Updates For Life.

With every update we make to "Start On The Right Track", we'll send you free updates for life!   (*Requires registration and confirmation.)

Since we don't have to reproduce physical copies and ship them, you get to benefit from every update!  Now tell me what bookstore would do that!  You have love the power of E-books!

You Can Put As Much Or As Little As You can Afford Into It...
"At this time I have just begun doing the research, on line and with a couple of our local hobby retailers, asking some of the basic questions around scale, track type, controllers, and most importantly cost. In today?s economy I need to be smart about my spending, and to be honest it appears that in the world of model railroading you can put as much, or as little as you can afford into it, and still get a great deal of satisfaction from the experience...."


Look, this is an amazing value.  I know it, and I'm pretty hopeful that by now you know it too!

So with this incredible value, why does it all cost only $37?

It's simple really.  You see, as soon as you click 'buy,' and your payment is processed, you can download it.
I don't have any fulfilment costs.  So you benefit from my savings as well!  

You get the PDF files that you can read on your Mac or PC.  It goes right on your computer, so you
can read it whenever you want... on ANY computer. It takes maybe 5 minutes to download on the old, slow dial-up connections, so you'll probably have it much sooner than that!

Once you've downloaded the system, you can print out as little or as much of it as you need.  (We've been considering developing physical copies of this course, but they'll cost more than 3 times
the current price, plus the postage!)

Another reason that this complete system is so cheap might sound a bit pollyanna-ish, and I'm almost
embarrassed to include it here, but I honestly think that by getting this information to you for the cheapest
I can, it will actually help build relationships ... get the kids off the Wii, X-box, or PSP and getting you
back to spending quality time together...

Or even if you're on a limited budget as a retiree, you can now afford this course and focus your
mind on being creative in an amazing and joyful hobby, which is the best hobby in the world!

When you think of the time and money you'll save, and the incredible and amazing layout you'll be creating, there should be absolutely no doubt.  But just in case, I want to kick any remaining blocks out that might be keeping you on the fence.

So here's what I'll do:

I'm Giving You An Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

model trains
My Personal 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I'm protecting your investment and making making your decision to buy now completely risk-free.

I am so confident that you are going to absolutely love "Start On The Right Track" and you'll be building your model train dream layout in no time!  Not to mention the amazing benefits you are going to experience with the tons of bonus material I am giving you!  But if, for any reason, you don't agree, I'll be happy to give you a full refund.  Hundreds of readers are already seeing amazing results from applying the tips, techniques and secrets in "Start On The Right Track,"  and soon, you will be too!

It's simple:  either you love it or you get your money back!

"My interest in model railroading has resurfaced just recently when I became a grandfather. I wanted to have something to do with my grandson that would inspire him, develop a since of creativity, imagination and a kind of hands-on skill set that didn?t involve video games and television..."


Well, I've made it as simple and easy as is humanly possible, I think.  For $37, you will have bought
your ticket on the journey into the amazing world of model railroading!  
Where it takes you is only limited by your imagination!

Your dream train could be leaving the station in as  little as 5 minutes...
even if you're reading this at 1 a.m.!  

My Money-Back Guarantee Gives You EVERYTHING to Gain - At NO RISK TO YOU!

So click the "Add To Cart" button below now.

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I understand that I'll be able to immediately download:

  • The complete "Start On The Right Track" step by step guide (version 2.0) - over 100 pages of instruction with color illustrations, photos and videos!

  • The "Seven Quick & Easy Steps to Help You Save
    Hundreds of Dollars on Your Model Railroad
    special report ($27.00 value)
  • The "Weathering Your Model Railroad Made Simple" special report - full size color photos and complete tutorials!  ($27.00 value)

  • The "Model Railroading Glossary" special report($27.00 value)

  • The "Quick Start VIDEO Guide To Model Railroading" special report - 9 videos optimized for slow internet connections ($27.00 value)

  • The "Start On The Right Track" Audio Book - ($27.00 value)

  • The "7 Model Train Mistakes Almost Every Beginner Makes - And How You Can Avoid Them" special report ($27.00 value)

I understand that in addition to the guides and reports above, I also get:

  • FREE updates for life - I'll be advised when any of these guides and reports are revised in the future. I can download the newest revision and always be up to date
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Start On The Right Track

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